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Psst... try to click the screen rapidly to test it out!


Solve rage clicks on your own terms

Select your sensitivity and choose what you want to happen after - it's that simple.

Custom UI

Choose a class name, and it will set to display:block when a rage click is detected!

Live chat integration

Choose one of 10 live chat solutions, and your chat box will open when a rage click is detected!

No more


No more raaaaaage


Integrate with your existing live chat provider

Simply select which live chat you've got on your website, and All The Rage will work automagically to open the live chat on rage clicks.

Easy setup

Just a few steps and you'll know what all the rage is about!

Simple setup, on your own terms - then, watch as angry visitors turn into happy customers!

Set your preferences

Choose what kind of UI/live chat you want to open, how sensitive you want our system to be, and what you want to target.

Build your UI

If you're using a custom Webflow UI, go ahead and set it up in Webflow! You can build anything you want, and we will open it!

Paste in the script

We'll give you one line of code to paste on your site - just slap that in, and hit publish! You can put it on one page, or the whole site.

Start converting customers

You're all set! Watch as people start reaching out to you via the method you set up. We also tell you the pages with the most rage clicks.


Check out why everyone thinks we're all the rage

"I've used Microsoft clarity to track the page journey and learned that some users rage click. I needed a tool that would test my hypothesis of why that happens, and All the Rage solves that issue perfectly!"

Evgenii Tilipman

Tilipman Digital

"Understanding user behavior on our website is crucial, and All The Rage has been a game changer for us. Highly recommend for anyone serious about improving their website's performance and customer satisfaction!"

Veljko Ilic

Juno Studio

"I'm totally biased, but there's no reason to not add All The Rage to every Webflow site you have - it's probably one of the easiest ways to turn what could have been a missed opportunity, into a customer or client."

Julian Galluzzo



Free until it's makin' you $$$

All The Rage is completely free for all sites with less than 100 detected rage clicks per month. 🤩

Up to 100 rage clicks per month
Covers most small to medium sites
101-1000 rage clicks per month
For sites with a lot of traffic
1001-10,000 rage clicks per month
For sites with a whole bunch of traffic
Cost per additional rage click
Detect rage clicks
Open custom Webflow UI
Live chat integrations
Rage click tracking
View rage clicks by page
Get started

Put an end to all the rage on your Webflow site

Get up and running within less than 5 minutes.


Still got a few questions?

We're curious too! Hopefully we've answered your questions here, but you can reach out to if something's missing.

Can I use it on multiple sites?

Yes you can! One account allows you to have one configuration - but, as long as you are okay with keeping the same settings on the other site, you can use the same script on as many sites as you want. If you need another configuration, you will need to create a new account.

What are the limits?

The only limit is one configuration per account. You are not limited by page views, domains, rage clicks, etc. If your usage is abnormally high, we may reach out to you.

What's considered a rage click?

That's up to you! You can define click frequency, individual element vs whole page, and elements which should ignore rage clicks. If you are finding not enough rage clicks are detected (or too many), you can just change your settings.

Can I use this on a non-Webflow site?

Yep! All The Rage works using CSS classes - so, as long as you can figure out which class you want to open, you can use it on any site you want.

Is there a free trial?

All The Rage is completely free for up to 100 rage clicks per month! If you don't like it, simply cancel your plan before you reach the billing limit.

Uh oh!

Can't find something?

Sorry about that! Just let us know what you were trying to do, and we will get it figured out for you.

Thank you! 🥳

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